The 8th House in Astrology

The 8th House in Astrology is commonly referred to as the the “House of Sex”. While the 7th house focuses on your romantic relationships, the 8th house provides insight into the intimacy of those relationships.

In your natal chart, the eighth house includes sex and intimacy, both sexual and non-sexual. The house rules over your psychology, transformations, and fears. Additionally, it also plays a role in your relationship to “other people’s money”, such as loans or grants.

In general, the eighth house can be considered one that is full of things people do not typically discuss in public. Many of the subjects associated with this house are taboo or considered rude to talk about in mixed company.

The eighth house is not all bad, though. It can offer valuable insight into things people may not want to talk about, and these insights can lead to enormous growth and benefits for those who take the time to face them head-on. Those who do shadow work often look to this house for guidance, and for good reason.

8th House Rulers

    • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio.
    • Planet: Pluto.


The 8th House in the Zodiac Signs

The 8th House in Aries

The “dark side” of a person with the 8th house in Aries has to do with anger, aggression, and conflict. This does not necessarily mean that this is a violent person or an argumentative person: they could have had past experiences with others acting aggressively toward them that they do not like to talk about. They could also be a person who tries to ignore their anger, believing it to be a taboo that they need to keep inside.

When it comes to sex, intimacy, and taboo subjects, this is generally a person who is not afraid to discuss these things. People with this placement may even consider themselves to be experts on these topics and try to offer others advice, whether or not that advice is helpful or wanted.

This placement may lead to some problems with intimacy and relationships as this person tends to like to do things their way and to take care of everything, including finances, by themselves. Being uncompromising and always advocating for your way over that of others is not a good way to build a strong, lasting relationship.

The 8th House in Taurus

A person who has Taurus in the 8th house may have trouble parting from their money unless, interestingly enough, it is for the benefit of someone else, such as a partner or other loved one (tying into the concept of “other people’s money” in a roundabout way).

This is not a placement of action, rather of leisure and taking their time. When it comes to sex and intimacy, this can mean that a person with their 8th house in Taurus likes to take things slow. This is not at all a bad thing, as Taurus is a sensual sign and that will carry over into intimate affairs no matter how quickly or slowly things are heating up.

Transformation is also going to be slow coming for an 8th house Taurus person. This kind of person will use their own senses to help them transform aspects of their life they want to change but it is not going to happen overnight.

The 8th House in Gemini

This is a person who has no trouble talking about the taboo! Someone with the 8th house in Gemini is going to be deeply curious and feel a strong need to learn and explore any topic they can, including those others may not want to discuss.

This is definitely the person to talk to if you have a question about sex, wish to discuss death with someone who will not be uncomfortable with it, or just generally want to talk about any topic that other people might not be comfortable discussing.

The Gemini uses intellect and knowledge to transform themselves. By not only gathering information but sharing it as well, they can change things within themselves and around them. When it comes to intimate matters, all that knowledge may come in handy. Gemini is not going to shy away from anything and oftentimes someone with this placement will try anything at least once.

The 8th House in Cancer

On the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to discussing taboo subjects, we have Cancer. It is not that these are judgemental people or that they completely shy away from taboo. People with this placement may tend to think intimate and private subjects should stay just that– private. They may come across as shy or traditional in this sense.

Money is not something that an 8th house Cancer person is willing to be risky with. Loans are going to be carefully considered before they are taken out. Money is only going to be invested if the outcome is nearly assured.

Cancer is all about emotions so that is what an 8th house Cancer person is going to use when transformation needs to take place. They may have a difficult time when change comes from outside sources but if they are emotionally ready, they can truly rise to the occasion and change things for the better.

The 8th House in Leo

This is a person who really likes to be in control. They take charge of finances, their sex life, their transformational journey, everything. Being in control does not mean that they always make the best decisions, however. Making bad investments, overcharging credit cards, or taking out unnecessary loans may be all well and fine for this person, so long as they are the one making these potentially bad decisions.

On the positive side, this is a person who knows what they want. They do not need others to inspire change in themselves, they do that all on their own. If they think something about them needs to change to get what they want and need out of life, they are going to do everything in their power to make sure that happens.

When the 8th house is in Leo, you are not afraid to speak up about what you desire in the bedroom. However, control does not necessarily mean domination, it just means that you will seek out what you want and will not let others talk you into doing things that you do not want to do.

The 8th House in Virgo

This is another placement that uses intellect to drive change and transformation. Virgo is a meticulous sign. People with their 8th house in Virgo are not going to dive headfirst into mixing things up in their lives, they are instead going to think things through and take the necessary steps at a cautious pace.

Additionally, the same caution is applied to financial decisions and habits. Spontaneity is often not the spice of life for a person with this placement, especially when it comes to money and sex.

One negative aspect associated with Virgo is the tendency to be overly critical. This applies not only to others but to themselves as well. When the 8th house is in Virgo, this can lead to criticism turning up in intimate matters. This person may be critical of their partner but they may also be self-critical of their performance (in bed and the relationship as a whole).

The 8th House in Libra

While partnership is especially helpful when it comes to things like finances for a person with the 8th house in Libra, this is a person who may be resistant to opening up and being intimate with other people. One taboo subject they truly do not like discussing is their own problems. Not being willing to discuss one’s fears and the “scary” parts of themselves they hide can lead to problems with intimacy.

When a person with this placement does find a person they can share their fears and openly discuss anything and everything with, it can definitely lead to positive outcomes. A person with this placement is going to have an easier time managing finances when they have help and when those finances are not just about them because they are being shared with somebody else. Transformation is made easier too when there is somebody to transform together with.

The 8th House in Scorpio

A person with the 8th house in Scorpio is not simply okay with discussing death and sex and anything else that might make others comfortable, they revel in it. They are willing to discuss the nitty-gritty details that others may not want to bring up. They will delve into all the ugliness associated with sex and with death and they will not shy away from it.

Additionally, a Scorpio in the eighth house will not shy away from transformation. Instead, they embrace it because, although it may be difficult, they understand that is a necessary aspect of life.

Scorpio is also associated with being secretive, however. This may show up when it comes to finances for somebody with the 8th house in Scorpio. In a relationship, a person with this placement may have a hard time being open about what they are doing with their money.

The 8th House in Sagittarius

Organized religion is a topic that often comes up in the eighth house. In many cultures, it is often considered rude to discuss religious topics outside of specific circumstances, such as with those who follow the same religion as you. However, when the 8th house is set in Sagittarius, people are much more open to discussing religion, as well as the religious aspects of philosophy and death.  They love to discuss these topics with others and are willing to change their views as they learn more information.

When it comes to sex, a person with this placement may see it as another spiritual endeavor, something that can enable them to uncover even more of that knowledge they are always seeking. Sagittarius is an adventurous sign as well. This could mean that this person is always willing to try new things in bed or that they are fine with traveling around, engaging with multiple partners as they do so.

The 8th House in Capricorn

A person with the 8th house in Capricorn may be great at managing other people’s money. If sharing finances with another person, they might end up being the one who manages bills, investments, etc. They might also end up managing the finances of others for a living, though this placement does not guarantee that. They can typically be trusted with money, though, and are not the type to make risky investments.

Somebody with this placement may find themselves overly preoccupied with death. They might also feel a huge sense of duty or responsibility when it comes to sex and intimacy. They want to be good partners and they want their lovers to enjoy themselves but sometimes overthinking things can make them a little less fun.

The 8th House in Aquarius

Unconventional is a keyword when it comes to Aquarius. A person with the 8th house in this sign is most likely not going to take a traditional approach to sex, death, or finances. They may make investments or take risks that others would not take and sometimes that has its benefits! It also has its downsides, of course, as not all investments end up being worth the risk.

A person with this placement may not have a traditional idea of intimacy. They are probably going to be willing to try anything in bed and somebody with this placement might seek out intimate relationships in ways that are unconventional, such as through polyamory. Because of their spontaneity and willingness to shake things up, transformation and change may come easy to this person. In fact, they often are the ones driving things to change.

The 8th House in Pisces

Pisces is a sign that tends to have its head in the clouds and also one that is prone to worry. When the 8th house is in Pisces, this can mean that a person experiences anxiety when it comes to the topics surrounding the 8th house: sex, death, fears, transformation, finances, etc. This could also mean that they have idealized fantasies about the topics as well.

A person with this placement might have a lot of fantasies about their intimate partners and sometimes these fantasies do not always match up to reality. Pisces is an intuitive sign as well so they may also feel the need to please their partner, even if it is at their own expense. When they can be honest about their fantasies and work on making sure all partners, including themselves, are satisfied, sex and intimacy will be much better.

The same can be said for everything else about the 8th house. If a person with this placement can be open about their worries and fears regarding finances or death (for example) and learn to trust themselves, things may end up going more smoothly.