The eleventh house of astrology

The 11th house in Astrology is commonly referred to as the “House of Friends.” This house plays a role in your friendships, community, groups, organizations, clubs, and associations. Any communal group of people full of like-minded people, or people with a common cause or goal, can fall under the 11th house. This house takes control over the things we do within these groups, the differences we make, and the way these groups allow us to grow as individuals.

Hopes, dreams, desire, achievement, and destiny are other keywords associated with the 11th house. This is not about what we can achieve on our own, though! This is all about what we can do when we work as a collective, with our friends and peers. What can we accomplish when we all work together?

Of course, as this is The House of Friends, this house can also show us what type of friend we are and what type of friend we attract. What kind of person do our friends think we are? What kind of people are we seeking out? Look to the 11th house and it can help you answer those questions.


The 11th House in the Zodiac Signs


An 11th house Aries person sure has a wild social life! While they are of course capable of making lifelong friends and establishing themselves in a group, this is a person who may have a revolving door of acquaintances and temporary friends to suit whatever situation they are currently in. Making friends is not at all difficult but keeping them can be (though it is not impossible).

Social groups are much the same. Aries is not just part of one, they are part of many, and they may switch through groups easily. These people have a strong desire to be part of a group and the drive to achieve but they may never truly feel at home in just one place.


As a sensual and oftentimes material sign, Taurus certainly brings those elements into any group or friendship when it comes to the 11th house. They desire stability above almost everything else and so they have no difficulty in committing to lifelong friendships and establishing themselves into a community, even if it sometimes takes a while to find these relationships.

Taurus wants to take care of the people they love. These people want to help everyone in their group to be as happy as can be. One downside of this desire for stability is that Taurus may have difficulty letting go of groups and friendships that no longer serve them. Change can be difficult. If 11th house Taurus people can learn to be flexible and to let go of certain relationships, no matter how loving or stable they used to be, they will ensure that they will have more stability in the long-term.


Communication, communication, communication! That is what the 11th house in Gemini is going to bring to any friendship or group they find themselves in. They love to talk, they love to share information, and they love to have friends who are always willing to listen. Discussions are always exciting and anyone who interacts with these people is sure to come away from a conversation with some refreshing, new ideas.

Gemini has many dreams. They are driven to achieve these dreams, as quickly as humanly possible (or quicker, honestly). They may not always be satisfied with their final result but they are good to have in the group nonetheless, as their charisma and drive can be infectious and help to push others into gear. If you ever find yourself in a slump and need some new perspectives, this is the person to go to.


The 11th house in Cancer can be shy and not the most sociable. Some of these people oftentimes will consider their family as their closest friends and community, even if this isn’t always the best situation for them. While they may have trouble getting out of their shell and making friends, the friendships they do make are ones they value highly. They are warm, nurturing, and empathetic people.

These are people who strongly desire to find acceptance from others. They long for security and will work towards this goal until they can achieve it, no matter how long it takes. Their desire to help others often lands them in organizations centered around this goal and they can end up doing great things to better the lives of others.


Leo is a firehouse that is sure to be noticed in any crowd and this allows them to easily attract people to them. The negative aspects of the 11th house in Leo surround the reasons behind this person’s friendships. They may surround themselves with friends just to make themselves look good, to boost their own egos. Appearing to have many friends may end up being more important to them than the actual friends themselves. They may also fall into the trap of not acting like their true selves to maintain friendships.

Wanting to be acknowledged is not bad. Everyone needs a little praise sometimes and if being in the spotlight makes you happy, go for it! If the goal is to be liked by others, however, there are better ways to go about it. If Leo can learn to have respect for themselves, as well as others, they can develop excellent friendships with people who will help them to shine and achieve their goals.


The 11th house in Virgo makes a friend that is always willing to help out. These people are supportive, loyal, and will do anything for the people they call their friends. Unfortunately, this is not always a good thing and can lead to being taken advantage of. People with this placement may find themselves in friendships where the other person takes and takes and takes without giving anything back. Being the friend who will get up at 3:00 am to go pick someone up, no questions asked, may seem great until Virgo’s calls go unanswered in their times of need.

When this person can develop close friendships with people who also have a desire to fulfill their needs and give back, they will be much happier. In addition to being helpful, people with this placement are also extremely practical. When they have a goal in mind, they go at it not with passion but with logic. They can get what they want through careful planning and reason.


When romantic Libra has the 11th house residing in it, this person may find that their best friend ends up being their partner as well. In fact, if they cannot find a significant other who is also a close friend, this can lead to the dissolution of the relationship. People with this sign are not happy just having this partner/best friend, of course. They are also focused on building other friendships. They want nothing more than to have serious emotional and social bonds with others. Unfortunately, they may tend to idealize these relationships and flit around from friend to friend if the friendships do not live up to their idea of a “perfect” relationship.

Goals can be difficult for a person with this placement. It is difficult to go after something and give it your all when you cannot even figure out what that something is! If they can stop obsessing about figuring up what they want, that can actually help them to figure things out. Focusing on friendships and accepting all those imperfections can help them to achieve their goals as well.


Scorpio is a passionate, dedicated, sometimes obsessive sign. When a person with the 11th house in Scorpio wants to achieve something, they will stop at nothing to get what they want. If they go too far (and this definitely happens a lot), they may appear cold-hearted or cutthroat. Ambition is not negative at all but sometimes this person has to get out of their own head and think about how their actions affect others.

They desire a true, deep bond with people but they do not always realize that. It can be difficult to get a person with this placement to open up. This person may seem closed off and introverted. Sometimes, even when they can develop a budding relationship, they self-sabotage and focus on the imperfections in the friendship instead of the positive qualities. When someone does manage to develop a bond with them, however, it is far more intense than other people may be used to. If the friendship is full of honesty and free from “betrayals”, it will be a fulfilling, lifelong relationship.


This placement makes for an open-minded friend who is always willing to have philosophical discussions or sit down to hear the opinions of others. They are natural teachers and love to travel, allowing them to develop friendships with all kinds of people, all over the world. They do not just teach, either — they are always willing to learn and listen to criticism. These individuals do not tie themselves down to one ideology or opinion and are open to changing their mind when presented with new facts.

Unfortunately, in addition to being open-minded, they can also tend to be indecisive. They may also overextend the willingness of their friends to offer favors and knowledge and often cannot achieve anything without the assistance of others. Once this person learns that it is not always in their best interest to rely on the thoughts and criticisms of others, they can start to achieve things for themselves.


Someone with the 11th house in Capricorn may find they have two “selves”: their public self and their private self. The image they show to the world is the idealized, perfect image they have of how they should be. Practical, patient, organized, structured. If this person has trouble developing friendships with others, it is probably because they are having a hard time shedding that public image and showing others their private self. When they can find balance and help these two “selves” to blend and work together, they are much happier.

Friends often enter their lives through people that a person with this placement already trusts. They may be introduced to somebody by a sibling or a coworker who they hold in high regard. Those who believe in karma or reincarnation may find that this type of person often ends up sticking with friendships that just “feel” right. They develop lasting, close friendships with people they feel like they already know.


The 11th house in Aquarius makes for a very sociable person. Their circle of friends is not small by any means and in fact, they may have multiple circles of different people in their lives. These individuals tend to be attracted to people who are as idealistic and open-minded as they are. They are free spirits and often have friends who are as well. They quickly develop relationships and trust people, maybe faster than others think they should.

This is the type of person who achieves their goals by working with their groups and their community. They are surrounded by people who want to connect with them and help them and they want to help their friends achieve their goals as well. If people with this placement can be as free and liberated as they need to be, they can do the things they desire.


While they may not always be close with their family, for someone with the 11th house in Pisces, their friends often become family to them. This isn’t to say that all of this person’s friendships are lifelong: they will sometimes develop a friendship only to have it end shortly after. Things are often up in the air and can change as quickly as the current of the ocean. This is not a negative thing, either. Sometimes these fleeting friendships are necessary for Pisces to move on in the right direction.

People with this placement often have dreams tied with helping others. They may desire nothing more than to be a teacher, a nurse, or some other type of caregiver. They are charitable and dive into everything they do, striving only to make life better for others.