The 9th House in Astrology

The 9th House in Astrology represents religion, philosophy, and spirituality. The aspects of this house vary, since everyone experiences spirituality differently. Some of the life spheres in the ninth houses of astrology can include vision and intuition, along with travel and education.

The astrological ninth houses also speak about communication in its many forms. Western religions often use writing as a way to communicate their beliefs. Language and publishing are also in the 9th house as a form of interpersonal communication.

Also known as the house of philosophy and knowledge, it speaks to personal journeys. In the ninth house, the normal boundaries and limits are removed from the mind and body, giving individuals an understanding beyond the material world.

Where the eighth house ends, the ninth evolves as a natural occurrence. Known for its expansion traits, the house sparks traveling and sharing your ideas and knowledge with others.

The ninth house is ruled by the Sagittarius sign and the planet Jupiter.


The Role of the 9th House in Your Life

The ninth house plays a role in all of the practices that expand your knowledge, including higher education and travel. Teachers that came before are in the house showing you their circumstances, cultures, and spaces. Everything that is learned in the house not only teaches you something new, it also helps you continue to move forward.

In the house, you will find your rules that govern your higher learning, along with your expanding personal philosophies or belief systems. Your growing understanding of spirituality is also in this house. The ninth house also asks that you put your fears aside on your journey. You cannot expand your knowledge if you are afraid of what you might learn.

Whereas the third astrological house asks you to describe the knowledge you learn, the ninth house speaks to what you do with the information you have gathered. It asks how your belief system was established and how the knowledge was absorbed.


The 9th House in the Zodiac Signs

The ninth house, or the House of Philosophy, speaks to your knowledge of religion, philosophy, and spirituality. Where the 9th house is positioned in the zodiac signs speaks to your beliefs and views on spirituality and religion.

If your ninth house is in Taurus, you will have a practical approach to your religious beliefs and acknowledge its influence. If your house of philosophy is in Leo your views will be different. You believe that there is a reason everything happens and find it easy to mix with various religious communities.

In order to continue moving forward on your journey, it is important to understand the position of the ninth house.

The 9th House in Aries 

Aries is a passionate sign and when the ninth house is located here you must be careful to allow others to express their convictions and belief systems. It is easy for you to become too passionate about your beliefs to the point all others are excluded.

You do believe strongly in life regardless of how difficult it might get. It is not uncommon for an Aries to put themselves in tough situations simply to prove that they can work through it.

While religion is not important to your belief system, unless it matches your convictions, you do draw inspiration from spiritual leaders. By yourself, you are a spiritual person and believe that you draw power from inside or a greater spiritual being. You are optimistic and love traveling, you also seek out adventure. In work, you prefer tackling new and exciting projects.

When the 9th house is in Aries you will find people with strong ethics and those willing to fight for their beliefs or progression towards higher learning.

The 9th House in Taurus

You recognize the influence religion has and take a practical approach. You are tolerant of others’ beliefs, even when they do not match your own beliefs. You believe that as long as different religious views are a positive influence in the world there is no reason to try and change their beliefs to match yours.

When the ninth house is in Taurus, chances are your childhood was traditional, and you have likely carried this into your adult life. It is reflected in your family values which influence your opinions. While you are not fond of change, you do love to travel to scenic places.

The 9th house set in Taurus asks that you use the experience you learned in the material world. Your practicality makes physical and financial matters a part of your belief system and is one reason why agriculture, finance, real estate, and similar practical fields appeal to you.

Under the Taurus sign, you do need to be careful that your practicality does not turn into laziness. While you are typically mellow, which is why you take a practical approach to religion, it can also make it difficult for you to see the beauty in constantly moving forward.

The 9th House of Gemini

Logic rules when the 9th house is in Gemini. Embracing your logic is how you approach your beliefs in both philosophy and religion. Before forming your belief system you research and contemplate each new idea and fact. You have a never-ending thirst for knowledge and rarely decide without having all of the facts.

You are interested in the world and strive to learn more about it. Your quest for knowledge can also hold back your journey. Instead of worrying about creating the perfect framework for your beliefs, take time for reflection, and follow your instincts.

When the ninth house is in Gemini communication is key for growth. You learn new skills and facts quickly but retaining the information does not come easily. To avoid overthinking so the knowledge can be put to practical use, work on concentration, and focus. Accomplish one task at a time before moving on to the next one.

Learning communication skills can propel Gemini in fields that require oratory skills.

The 9th House in Cancer

With the ninth house in Cancer, you seek inspiration from religious people that have a parental aspect that represents maternal and loving elements. You might often find yourself supporting charities, along with social justice reforms. A career as a teacher or mentor is a good fit for you since you find it easy to communicate with children.

You are influenced by emotion and this affects your decisions. You enjoy long distance travel and are comfortable visiting other cultures and areas around the world. For some people, their purpose might be to live abroad.

You are constantly striving to find peace but your active mind can get in the way. To find the inner peace you are looking for, you might have to resolve family issues or problems with other relationships. Once you have accomplished this, you will find that the greatest teacher is your heart. You will also view close loved ones as teachers that can impart the wisdom that will help you along your path.

The 9th House in Leo

If your ninth house is in Leo, you are strong and confident. Traveling and exploring new places are passions for you. Since most Leos dislike feeling stuck, they should not use traveling as a solution to their problems.

You have faith in people and believe the best about them. You also fit easily into almost any religious community. Since you believe there is a reason events happen, your confidence can overwhelm others. Use this as an opportunity to communicate with others and remind them of all of life’s positive aspects.

Your confidence allows you to find your path apart from the truths you were taught during childhood. This strong belief in yourself can make it difficult to accept someone else’s truth may be different than yours. It is important to remember that everyone’s truth is different to avoid trying to force your belief system on them.

While the ninth astrological house asks you to be satisfied emotionally, it can be difficult. Leos often learn from the dominant male figures in their lives, rarely seeking their feminine side. Until these two sides can be reconciled you will not be able to reach your full potential.

The 9th House in Virgo

Due to your analytical mind, you can find it difficult to understand religion and the metaphysical aspects of philosophy. You are naturally skeptical of anything not backed by scientific research and facts. Some Virgos do not worry about their future lives but only the present one.

So you can focus on the positive aspects of spirituality, instead of rejecting it, you need to strive to have a better understanding of how faith can positively affect your life. As with your other beliefs, you will need to research it thoroughly.

When the ninth house is in Virgo, you often find joy in learning about new cultures and their beliefs. Virgos will focus their energy on learning as much as possible about a topic before initiating conversations with others.

Virgo’s ninth house asks for a focus on others and this can be difficult if you were born into wealth. It can be difficult to reconcile your upbringing with the needs of others less fortunate. Due to the strong influence of Virgo’s sun, you often feel like something needs to be fixed. While you enjoy traveling, it can be difficult to finalize the plans due to a fear that you missed something.

In this astrological house, you will find writers and linguists if the 10th house supports using everything that has been learned.

The 9th House in Libra

You appreciate the beauty found in all aspects of the world. If your ninth house is located in Libra, you do not agree with teachings that state beautiful objects should be avoided. You do follow the belief in most religious communities that being kind to others and connecting with nature is something that should be encouraged.

Along with being a hard worker, you also take pride in the job you do. You believe that everyone is entitled to justice and equality and support others.

A problem with your beliefs can occur if they are based on someone other than yourself. Your tendency to work hard will help overcome this if you take advantage of the teachers you meet on your path.

Marriage may be too rigid for you but you can nurture quality, long-lasting relationships. When you are supported by others you can often find a place in fields like diplomacy, law, and couples counseling.

The 9th House in Scorpio

To find the truth, you are not afraid to ask questions. You may not follow a particular religion or spiritual belief but this is due to your desire to learn more about other cultures around the world. You believe that there is more to life than the material world and use questions to gain understanding.

Dark taboos and beliefs might be interesting as your ninth house enters the cusp of Scorpio. This is because your interest in mysteries outweighs your fears of what others might think. You seek knowledge about the world and your interests.

The choices you might make when your ninth house is in Scorpio can seem strange to others. If your choices manifest in a positive way it can give you a new perspective and peace of mind. Your beliefs are often connected with your ancestors and your desire to learn about things that make others uncomfortable can set you apart.

To find clarity and spiritual harmony you have to repair relationships with others. This will help satisfy your need for a deeper understanding as you start to realize that no one is intended to be by themselves.

The 9th House in Sagittarius

As your ninth house enters Sagittarius you often find yourself using travel to expand your knowledge and spiritual beliefs. You learn how to empathize with people by visiting new places and immersing yourself in their culture.

You believe that there is more to life than what you see and are always looking for new adventures. You have a positive view of life and strive to set an example for others to follow.

The location of this astrological house speaks to your higher mind and the desire to broaden your horizons. The difficulty in continuing your journey comes from the inability to get deeper into the world’s various belief systems. It is important to remember during these times that there are ways to bring understanding. It will only take longer than you wanted.

Attorneys, teachers, and motivational speakers can be found in this house. However, they might have difficulties accepting change and remembering that it is necessary for spiritual growth.

The 9th House in Capricorn

By nature, you are skeptical and frequently ask questions about religion and spirituality in attempts to achieve a better understanding. While you want to always know the truth, passionate religious figures can inspire you.

You have conventional beliefs that are supported by facts. You are interested in learning more about the material world and how spirituality applies to it.

It is important to be open to change, even though your beliefs are often solid. The primary difficulty you need to learn to overcome is exchanging common sense to pursue a dream.

Learning ancient teachings often comes naturally, however, reaching an understanding can be difficult. When you do, you will have created a strong foundation to base your other accomplishments on.

The 9th House in Aquarius

Your life is not traditional and you love learning symbols. Mathematics, astrology, and computer programming are fields that you often excel in. Problems only occur when you stop accepting responsibility for your actions. When this happens, you will never realize your true potential.

To prevent your mind from going dormant, you need to create a plan that you will stick with. Your energy levels will rise back up, shaking off the lethargy due to not accepting responsibility. When this happens, you will begin to realize your creative potential.

The 9th House in Pisces

Your intuition is at its best when your ninth house is in Pisces. By nature, you are enthralled by psychic phenomena. Traditional religions that include the occult interest you, along with mystic philosophies. You believe in peace and love and try to apply this to your daily life.

While traveling is not quite at the top of your list, you do enjoy visiting oceans, lakes, and rivers.

The location of your house in Pisces also signals that there is a mission you should follow. You are a dreamer and do not like stress, which can make it difficult to form lasting relationships and settle down in one place.

When you give others freedom you will find room to grow and find your path. Due to the nature of the astrological sign, you often find psychologists, sailors, pharmacists, and chemists in this house.