The 2nd House in Astrology

The 2nd House in Astrology gives us insight into the material belongings we need to feel secure and the methods we used to get them. Material possessions move, the non-physical financial, to the tangible asset that we can feel and display to others.

The Second House looks at how and where we like to spend our money and live our lives. It governs our eating habits and the types of food we eat, and even plays a role in how our mood affects our diet. Thoughts are sometimes more financial than social in their priority.

Wealth is a product of value, and not everyone believes value to have a monetary number. Health, friends, family, and attractiveness can all have different orders of value. The Second House tells us the order of these values, and how that applies to your zodiac sign.


The Role of the 2nd House in Life

Food was once a stronger sign of wealth than any other, including money. Food is an instinctual need, something that we take pleasure in consuming, and a show of wealth. Value also plays a part in food, where some foods cost more to buy or make.

Some people find less importance in the cost of their food, and instead, find the priority in the preparation time. And in there, somewhere, is the balance for a perfect life. Where a healthier eating routine, will support clearer thinking and better temperament.

As income and personal wealth increases, you can be sure that the cost of the food eaten follows close behind. Food can play a large part in defining one’s star signs and giving a clearer picture of their true nature.


The 2nd House in the Zodiac Signs

2nd House in Aries

We see that this person can go from one extreme to the other. Personalities of an Aries lead them to fewer familiar environments. They tend not to enjoy the quiet and relaxing living that others crave. Instead, the Aries like to be different, to go out and build – create.

An Aries goes with their gut, going from a light eater to an overeater when they feel fear. Speed of eating is also a habit that relates to fear, and quick eating is a common trait. Spicy food is another retreat for an Aries, and the tendency is to eat food with extreme levels of spice.

Risks with fast gains, the need to create something unique, and a full-on red-meat diet are all leading attributes. Though, if an Aries has the Moon and the feminine planets well within their horoscope, these characteristics can be much less obvious.

2nd House in Taurus

A pragmatic individual that wants to improve their standards of living. Which prefers to put every penny towards fabulous homes and luxury items. Those in the Second House of Taurus know how to look after their finances and where to invest – where to spend and where to save.

A Taurus can see the value of both the material and the value in relationships. Guilt and responsibility can have a detrimental effect on a Taurean’s plan, so they often try to avoid both. A Taurus makes the most of their abilities to manage money and from birth, knows how to enjoy the luxuries of life.

And for a Taurus to be happy, they need to pander to these needs. A Taurus has a great instinct for making money. In addition, Tauruses are often successful in achieving their goals — as long as they avoid letting others corrupt their plans.

2nd House in Gemini

Those in the 2nd House of Gemini are far from lazy, but they do need constant mental stimulation to stop their minds from wandering. It is not unusual for a Gemini to prefer freelance work over the regular 9-5. They have little to no satisfaction from routine employment, even if it means larger income and more security.

A Gemini will want several sources of income, which they consider both more secure and more interesting. Geminis also enjoy the chance to travel and explore the world. And the Gemini also use these experiences to understand themselves better.

The Gemini are good at presenting themselves to the world. This is why public speaking, journalism, and sales positions fit a Gemini’s nature well. The planet Mercury can make a superficial Gemini uneasy. And Mercury can leave them feeling dissatisfied regardless of their possessions and accomplishments.

2nd House in Cancer

If your sign begins in the Second House of Cancer, there is a good chance that you will have a prominent level of autonomy in your working life. Those in this position may either have a company or be a strong runner to lead a family company. These people may also have the privilege of working from home or to sit back and allow others to supply the income to finance their lifestyles.

But, if the Moon is weak for this sign, a Cancer may find themselves in a less fortunate position and need to put a little more effort into their working life. Though this person may find greater joy in more direct matters. And a Cancer in the Second House will prefer activities such as preparing food, meditative tasks, and entertaining family.

Those in the Second House of Cancer will want gratitude and love for what they have given to others. They may also feel the need for a financial reward for any love given, or at least the possibility of such, which may be in the form of a family inheritance.

2nd House in Leo

You can often see Leos on the big screen or the stage, showing their magnetic and charismatic personalities. Those on the edge of the Second House are often successful in the entertainment business and any elements where they can show creativity.

Money plays a large part in the confidence of a Leo in the Second House. Leo’s self-assurance comes from their ability to buy presents for themselves or others. Though even with the finances to support this need, those receiving the presents must show their appreciation to sustain A Leo’s ego.

A Leo’s need for gratitude can make them susceptible to disappointment and the negativity of other opinions. Self-respect hinges on how others perceive and praise them. The Leo in the Second House must be both brave and strong to advance beyond the expectations of onlookers.

2nd House in Virgo

Those in the Second House of Virgo are frugal and dedicate themselves to their working roles. And the Virgo in the Second House knows that they need to focus and spend real time on a job to earn a satisfactory income. Money earned for a job is money that a Virgo deserves, and they understand that income is hard-won.

The Virgo in the Second House will always stay in control of their finances and be on top of their net income. They are good at coping with the stresses of life and also have the mental ability to deal with the finances of others.

For the Virgos in the Second House, financial security is more important than spending on luxuries. They feel the restrictions of living within their means and cannot enjoy frivolous spending. And Virgos dislike extravagant holidays knowing that they are risking some financial security.

2nd House in Libra

Those in the Second House of Libra, find that they are most happy when they find the right balance between family, work, and entertainment. They find that their self-affirmation relies on the level of compassion they receive from friends and family.

These people make themselves a plan and stick to it, and dislike altering a plan to achieve a single goal. In an ideal world, working for money should be as enjoyable as spending it – in an even ratio. And this balance is easy to upset by an unexpected bill- where they spend money on repairs or other problems.

Spouses can do well in a relationship with a Libra if they prefer partners that like closeness and a lot of pampering. Those in the Second House can use this caring prowess to excel in a team-working environment. And Libras working in a team can achieve something beyond their expectations.

2nd House in Scorpio

Scorpios in the Second House have close relations and similar character traits to their ancestors. Often this is due to the inheritances that they receive. And the need to accept the energies from these ancestors to win favor is one of their biggest issues.

The link between work and reward is a lesson that is ingrained into the character of the Scorpio. The trust that the Scorpio earns through performing chores and accepting choices adds up as a debt.

As with all debts, the creditor is due a repayment at some point and in some form. And even after settling the debt, the Scorpio can remain dissatisfied and unable to enjoy the reward. This all depends on how the Scorpio reacts to challenges and controls over their happiness.

2nd House in Sagittarius

Focus is a common issue with those in the Second House of Sagittarius, and both the roads to earning income and holding on to it are rough ones. An excessive lifestyle can fizzle out as fast as it started. Heavy workloads and high incomes are a must – and in some cases, these are at a level that is not sustainable.

The work hard, play hard lifestyle – burning the candle at both ends – is dependent on a lot of luck, which will eventually run out. The Sagittarius will begin to believe their press and overspend to meet their self-beliefs.

Though the Sagittarius in the Second House is excessive, they do achieve a lot of satisfaction and happiness in their life choices. And in general, they can overcome most financial difficulties when they apply a little focus on the matter.

2nd House in Capricorn

A deep-level of planning goes into the financial matters, for those in the Second House of Capricorn. Each investment must return the same or greater value at a future point. Challenging work is a close friend, and these individuals know what they need to do to meet their budgets.

The Capricorn must exaggerate any financial issues that arise to avoid making the wrong choices on how to fix them. And mistakes made on a bad financial decision are not forgiven in a rush. Life lessons are never forgotten, and they will not make the same mistake twice.

Achievements do not always come with satisfaction, and a Capricorn can find it hard to look back at the long road they rode to win the day. Rest is an ally, and downtime is where the work done earns the greatest appreciation.

2nd House in Aquarius

Freedom comes with the ability to spend at will, with the Second House of Aquarius. Risks with finances and many other aspects of life are acceptable if it opens up more life choices. Money is much less important than the fun it can provide.

Creative thinking on how to finance such a lifestyle can bring risks too – hustling and gambling can get out of control. Stability in the Second House of Aquarius is not a strong-point. And this applies to both finances and the relationships that go with them.

Excessive eating of junk food compliments the fast living style of the Second House Aquarius. Despite the bad, they can have a strong plan, and stick to it. Though, there will be many financial surprises along the way.

2nd House in Pisces

Confusion and forgetfulness are things to watch out for in the Second House of Pisces. A Pisces can lose keys, clothes, and other possessions with ease, and this leads to self-doubt in the choices they make. They are also unsure where their skill sets are and where they will be valuable at work.

Those in the Second House of Pieces need to seek out their true calling in life and stick with it. In the case of a fitting career, the individual will excel and achieve true self-worth. The Pisces like to be in control – They believe they know better, but rarely know how to lead others.

Pieces can be frugal – and content living with few possessions and need little in the way of luxuries. Though, they do appreciate someone that knows how to control their budgets and keep them out of debt.