The 7th House in Astrology

The 7th House in Astrology speaks to your close relationships. It often represents your marriage, but it also includes relationships you have with friends, business associates, and family that you love and trust.

As it focuses primarily on relationships, the seventh house is commonly referred to as the “House of Partnerships”, or the “House of Marriage”. The house is ruled by the sign of Libra and the planet Venus.

In the seventh house, you will find your core being through your relationships, often with your life partner. This house allows you to study and learn how your interactions with others influence you, and how you influence others.

The 7th house does focus on your married relationship above others. It often shows that when your seventh house is empty, your marriage is happier. Having planets in this house can point to an unsatisfying relationship.


The Role of the 7th House in Your Life

The 7th House in Astrology plays a role in your close relationships, particularly the one you have with your partner. It asks you to describe what you seek from a life partner, along with what you need and expect from your other relationships.

While the 1st house shows who you are, the 7th house shows you who everyone else is to you. It speaks to the agreements you have made in each of your relationships. Both parties made the decision to give and receive from each other.

In addition to close relationships with lovers, family, and friends, the seventh house also governs your business partnerships. Agreements with bosses and co-workers, along with contracts, and all legal issues are in your seventh house.

Your daily interactions with business partners form relationships that make up a part of your life. Even though some business relationships can mimic a marriage, the feelings expressed are not sexual or romantic. Instead, it speaks to a personal connection.

Additionally, the seventh house shows any tension that may exist between romantically partnered individuals. Divorces and lawsuits create tension and even enemies. Both your past and current positive and negative relations will influence your future ones.


The 7th House in the Zodiac Signs 

The 7th House in Astrology speaks to romantic relationships and business partnerships. The planets’ presence in the house speaks to how you perceive these relationships. For instance, when the seventh house is in Taurus, you seek safety, security, and stability from your relationships. Those with Sagittarius at the cusp of the house look for partners that are comfortable with their individuality.

The zodiac signs do play a large role in your astrological seventh house.

The 7th House in Aries 

In the zodiac, Aries is viewed as an aggressive sign. When your seventh house is at the cusp of Aries, you often lack tact and patience with those you have a relationship with. You are passionate by nature in your personal and professional life. While this can be beneficial at times, it can also be detrimental.

You look for partners that can keep up with you and your energetic nature. You are independent and prefer to make the decisions. You also like to be the one in charge of projects.

To keep your relationships happy and satisfying to both parties, you do need to learn how to control your temper. It is also important to learn patience and to let others make decisions.

The 7th House in Taurus

When your seventh astrological house resides in Taurus you have a serious nature that can be intense. Whether it is in marriage or other close relationships, you look for stability. You want someone that will stay through both the good and bad times.

You will need to come to an understanding with your partners at work. You tend to work slowly and methodically on all projects that can be annoying to co-workers until you have reached a mutual understanding.

You need to remember that inner and outer beauty are connected. You tend to be vain in relationships and craze praise and attention. When you forget this, your relationships can become judgmental.

The 7th House in Gemini

Gemini is an intellectual sign and you look for this in your partners. The people in your close relationships need to be interesting and stimulate your mind. You do not like being forced into a commitment, instead you prefer to let your relationships develop naturally over time.

You can irritate others at work when you stop working on a project due to boredom or dislike. It is also not uncommon for you to change plans in the middle of a project. Since your partners have difficulty predicting what you will do, they often find you mentally exhausting and irritating.

Communication with your partners is key to starting and maintaining close relationships. It is also necessary for you to work on completing a project without stopping or changing ideas part-way through. Once you have mastered this, you will find that your relationships are more satisfying.

The 7th House in Cancer

When the 7th House is Set in Cancer, you are sensitive and can be emotional. It will not be uncommon if you were teased as a child due to your sensitive nature. As you have matured, it has helped you become more caring to others. You also feel deeply appreciated by people you have relationships with.

Since you are emotional and feel things deeply, you look for people that understand your feelings. You need partners that will stay by your side during life’s difficult moments, and in return, you provide them with your loyalty.

You do need to learn how to separate your feelings from childhood to prevent them from affecting current relationships. If you are not careful, your partner can view you as being too emotionally needy leading to an unbalanced relationship.

The 7th House in Leo

You have a strong personality and sense of self-acceptance when Leo is in the seventh astrological house. You are bright and energetic and this often draws other like-minded individuals to you. However, you can intimidate those with weaker personalities.

It is important for you to use your strong, energetic personality to help strengthen those that are less sure of themselves. If you do not, you can make some people uncomfortable.

It is not uncommon for you to leave the decision making to your partner so you can concentrate on other responsibilities. It is important that you participate in the decisions that affect both of you. Otherwise, your partner can start to feel unappreciated.

The 7th House in Virgo

When the 7th house is in Virgo, you tend to be a dreamer with a hopeful personality. You enjoy helping others and need a partner that is less fanciful and more practical. Instead, you need a partner that is logical and rational, otherwise you might not accomplish many of your life goals.

It is easy for you to influence your co-workers and colleagues. You have a helpful personality that attracts others. Your problems appear due to your obsession with details. It can sometimes slow projects down and annoy your co-workers and colleagues.

However, it is your attention to details and how you lead by example that makes you well-suited for professions in mentorship and education.

The 7th House in Libra

With your 7th house in Libra, you are careful in who you have a relationship with. This caution applies to your personal and professional partnerships. Your ideal partner is willing to compromise and discuss the difficulties and differences each one brings to the relationship.

You have an energetic and sociable personality that makes it easy to attract others. You make a good team player both in a group and one-on-one.

It is your easy-going personality that can cause difficulties. It is easy for people to take advantage of you. Once you learn that you can say “no” and still be a kind person, you will begin to realize your true potential.

The 7th House in Scorpio

When the seventh house is in Scorpio, it is often difficult to recognize your strengths and weaknesses. You often do not realize that what you consider to be your positive traits may also include your negative traits. Because of this, it may have been difficult for you to form relationships during your childhood.

Until you can recognize your weaknesses, it will be difficult for you to accept the character flaws of other people. You must learn how to accept others, and to forgive them when their personalities are not as strong as yours.

In your relationships, you seek out people with strong personalities that can keep up with yours. Your ideal life partner will be your equal. You demand loyalty from your partner and believe that without it, a relationship will not survive.

The 7th House in Sagittarius

When the cusp of the 7th house is in Sagittarius, you are seeking a partner with a strong personality. Your partner also needs to be independent and have an active social life. You tend to avoid relationships with people that are too needy or clingy. You need your independence and expect the same from your partner.

If you feel someone is too clingy, you will leave the relationship, sometimes without any warning. Your independent nature can make some aspects of communication difficult.

Traveling for work and pleasure is something your independent nature enjoys. It can also make it difficult for you to sustain a relationship with someone that does not understand your need to meet new people. You have a charismatic personality that draws others in, and makes professions that require travel a good fit for you.

The 7th House in Capricorn

You have high standards that you expect others to meet when your 7th house is in Capricorn. Your standards especially apply to romantic partnerships, and they can make it difficult for you to sustain those relationships.

It is easy for you to remember the times you have been hurt in the past. You have a tendency to build up walls that are difficult for a significant other to break through. If you do not accept your faults and others, you will find it hard to find love.

Even though you do avoid people that you believe can take advantage of you, it is still important to give others a chance. You are looking for someone that is loyal and will emotionally support you. Due to this, it is not uncommon for you to not find a committed relationship until you are older.  However, when you do find your partner, you will be loyal and offer that person your unconditional support.

The 7th House in Aquarius 

When the seventh house is set in Aquarius, your strong personality is at the forefront. You are independent by nature and seek the same from your partner. You need someone that will let you keep your independence, while still being there for you.

If you are not careful, your independent nature can cause your relationships to become unbalanced. Your partner may feel like they are providing all of the support or that you are controlling the relationship. Communication does not come naturally for you, but it is something that you need to work on to have a long-lasting and fulfilling relationship.

Your friends and co-workers might have difficulties accepting your eccentric personality. You refuse to conform to others’ expectations and this is not a bad thing. You only need to work on your communication skills for others to understand and accept you as the interesting person you are.

The 7th House in Pisces

If your seventh house is in Pisces, it is important that you find a partner that can balance your moods. You tend to have down days and you need a partner that can keep you upbeat when you are feeling down.

Your partner should have a strong personality that accepts you for your strengths and weaknesses. You have a tendency to focus on your weakness and having a partner that also recognizes your strengths will help you grow. You do have to be careful to not become too dependent on your partner. If you do, it will be difficult for you to learn about and believe in your abilities.

Since you are creative by nature, your partner should be sensitive and imaginative. It will dispel the fear you have that a relationship might stifle the creative side of your personality. While also being sensitive, your partner should also be practical to help develop this part of your core nature.