The 6th House in Astrology

The sixth house in astrology has historically been in charge of many different areas of life. Nowadays, the main areas the sixth house governs are work, daily routines, and health. The work this house governs is not necessarily your career or your life’s work, but rather the work you do daily, including paid work, volunteer work, or even things like care-giving.

Along with our ability to work, the sixth house also rules over the things you do daily as part of your typical routine. It governs your schedules, planning, organization, and even your sleep patterns.

Finally, the sixth house also plays a role in your health and physical strength. Medical astrologers look at the 6th house for signs of good health, as well as for signs of any potential health issues.

Rulers of the 6th House

The sixth house is ruled by:

  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo.
  • Planet: Mercury.


The 6th House in the Zodiac Signs

6th House in Aries

These are the type of people who are working sunup to sundown: getting up early to work out before heading to their job, where they will work tirelessly, before going home and completing their list of evening chores. These are hardworking, energetic people but they have to be careful not to overdo it. Overworking can lead to stress which can ultimately lead to health problems. Depression, anxiety, insomnia, and even heart disease are all examples of potential stress-related issues.

One thing those with the sixth house in Aries need to look out for is people who just want to take advantage of their hardworking nature. Aries is perfectly capable of taking initiative but can bite off more than they can chew. Learning how to say no to a boss who asks for work “off the clock” or friends and family who are constantly asking for “favors” that are just free labor is important.

6th House in Taurus

When the sixth house is in Taurus and a person is expressing the positive sides of this placement, they are great at balancing work and the rest of their life. They leave work at work and make sure to take time not only for family, friends, and hobbies but for self-care and relaxation. The stubborn nature of Taurus helps to keep on task when work needs to be done but these people also value their leisure time.

On the flip side, sometimes this placement can lead to a little too much leisure time and indulgence without a little bit of self-discipline. Establishing a routine can be difficult, as can doing things like eating healthily. A person might find themselves with inconsistent work or eating schedules. Work may get pushed to the wayside in favor of taking a nice, long bath or enjoying time out in the sun. Every sign has negative and positive aspects and it is certainly important to find balance in order to bring out the positive traits of the sixth house in Taurus.

6th House in Gemini

A person with the sixth house in Gemini is the epitome of a multitasker. They are the type who is fully capable of getting all their work done while simultaneously chatting with their coworkers, texting their friends, listening to music, and making weekend plans. These are the people you go to if you need some workplace gossip or just someone to talk to while getting through the workday.

Being able to be sociable in the workplace is important but this person also needs an environment that allows them to express their talents and intelligence. Constantly being the one people go to so they can vent or just chat can be exhausting but so is sitting in a cubicle all day, working and hardly interacting with anyone. Balance is important when job searching.

Those with this placement also have big imaginations and tend to think abstractly, in addition to their intellect. This is excellent in some situations but these people also need to be careful to stay grounded in reality and not escape off into a hypothetical future fantasy world.

6th House in Cancer

The sign of Cancer is known for being intensely linked to their own emotions and these powerful feelings show up just as much in daily life and work as they do in other aspects of life. A stressful work environment or work a person with the sixth house in Cancer feels is unfulfilling can lead to extreme stress, anxiety, feeling sick constantly, and even injuries from becoming overly distracted by intense, negative emotions.

This is not to say that these people are incapable of handling normal amounts of stress or that their job needs to be perfectly pleasant every single day. Having an outlet to express any work-related frustrations or hang-ups is important. Being able to talk to a friend or vent online will help keep stress levels down.

It is also important for people with this placement to establish their own personal routine, instead of getting stuck in “tradition” and the way things have always been. Doing exactly what their family did growing up or what partners and housemates do when it comes to household chores not suit them and that’s okay!

6th House in Leo

Like Gemini, social jobs are also important for a person with their sixth house in Leo. Stimulating work, recognition of their achievements, and a workplace filled with people who love their jobs are also all key for a person with this placement to have a positive workplace experience. They are not happy doing the same thing day in and day out and they are not the types to fade into the background.

Of course, an overactive need for recognition and accolades can lead to an inflated ego. The sixth house in Leo can also lead to problems with authority. Being able to tone it down sometimes and share the limelight when there are workplace successes is the key to a successful work environment.

Overall, this person needs an exciting job where they can express their creativity and mix things up every day. Their routine can be much the same way and this is better for them than doing the same thing in the same order every day.

6th House in Virgo

In contrast to Leo, a person with the sixth house in Virgo may not be as comfortable receiving public recognition or constant praise for their work. This may because they just don’t see the point in receiving accolades, they’re just doing their job after all, but it may also be because Virgo can be a highly critical sign and a person with this placement may honestly not feel like they deserve the praise they get.

These people are hard workers and feel it is important to give their all no matter what their job is but they need to be doing work that makes them happy. Feeling like they aren’t doing work that is in line with their values and goals can lead to extreme unhappiness and health problems are often a result of this. Other aspects of the sixth house, such as daily routine, will fall in line as long as this person is happy at work.

6th House in Libra

Libra is known for balance and work-life is no different. The sixth house in Libra is another placement that has a strong need to separate work from the rest of their life. They also seek balance within the workplace: they need to feel like they are being treated fairly and they need to be fulfilled in their job or they are going to move on to another one. They aren’t the type to complain about their job but stick it out anyway.

One thing that makes it easy to move around from job to job until something sticks is Libra’s ability to easily adapt to new environments. Even if they find themselves in a field they’ve never worked in before or with coworkers vastly different from themselves, they can blend right in.

6th House in Scorpio

People with their sixth house in Scorpio are extremely independent when it comes to work and they value their autonomy. This is another sign that needs to mix things up constantly to feel truly fulfilled. People with this placement excel at being their own boss or in creative fields where one day is never the same as the next. They want to be challenged and they very much want to avoid feeling like they are stuck in a rut.

Jobs or routines that aren’t in line with this can lead to a lot of intense anger and frustration. One thing people with this placement need to keep in mind is that simply being angry isn’t going to change anything. If a job doesn’t suit you and you find it only irritates more and more with each passing day, it is time for a change.

6th House in Sagittarius

When the sixth house is in Sagittarius, this makes for a person who hardly ever does things halfway. Even if this person is at a job they don’t particularly like or find fulfilling, they are going to give it their all anyway. They may see work as simply a way to have enough money and stability to pursue their actual interests, instead of seeing a job as being something integral to their life and personality.

However, when a person with this placement does find work that they enjoy, it can be just as satisfying as any hobby. Sagittarius also excels when they have a focus, a purpose, and a direction in life. Having all of this can lead to better health and an easier time with establishing routines.

6th House in Capricorn

Capricorn strongly values routine, logic, stability, and familiarity. They are fine with a job where they know the routine and what they need to do every day. People with the sixth house in Capricorn also tend to be ambitious in their careers and they are always looking for ways to move up and go further than before.

At times, this person can bite off more than they can chew. If asked to take on new responsibilities or to do extra tasks, they have a hard time saying no. This can lead to unnecessary stress. One of the health problems people with this placement may have is insomnia or other sleep disorders.

6th House in Aquarius

Variety is the spice of life for someone with their sixth house in Aquarius. People with this placement are often more than happy to slough off the routine they grew up with, in favor of establishing something more exciting and different day to day. This is a person who may find themselves jumping from job to job, from field to field, and constantly trying out new things.

A person with this placement is great to have on a team as they are focused on the overall group, as opposed to just themselves. They may be someone who is constantly coming up with new working procedures to make life easier for everyone while also maximizing the amount of work everyone is able to do.

While changing things up and adding new projects can be exhilarating and a person with this placement can sometimes have the energy to juggle multiple things at once, that energy isn’t endless. They need to evaluate and check-in with themselves daily to ensure they aren’t taking on too much at one time.

6th House in Pisces

When the sixth house is in Pisces, the soul is simply not fed by doing typical 9-5 work. Sixth house Pisces people are imaginative and tend to get lost in their thoughts. A person with this placement may trouble with establishing a routine or with jobs that are too structured. They are also extremely helpful, however. If a friend or coworker asks them to do something, they are more than willing to lend a helping hand, though they can sometimes have trouble with following through on their promises.

These people may have trouble focusing on anything other than their creative work. Work that can be done as they see fit and that lends itself to their talents is often more beneficial for a person with this placement but they still have to learn to have enough self-discipline to actually get the work done. Structure may feel grueling at times but having just a bit will make life easier in the long run.