The 10th House in Astrology

The 10th House in Astrology is commonly referred to as the House of Social Status. This house is all about your reputation, what you project out into the world, and what other people think of you. Because much of an individual’s reputation is directly related to their career, the tenth house is also sometimes referred to as the “House of Career.” This is more about your life’s work, rather than any other jobs that you might happen to do.

In addition, the 10th house can also provide insight into how you define success and how you might go about achieving that success. The house also plays a significant role in governing your legacy and societal impact: this is what you are known for, not just now, but in the future as well.

The tenth house is ruled by Capricorn.


The 10th House in the Zodiac Signs

The 10th House in Aries

Aries is an action sign. Think of someone who is well known at work for always taking charge, for taking on leadership roles, for just getting things done in general. People with this placement can be competitive and strong-willed. They may need excitement in their career and also are more likely to be the ones running the show. On the negative side, people with this placement can end up being more aggressive than assertive in the workplace if they are not careful.

Taking charge is sometimes necessary and does not have to be a negative trait. Leadership roles should be taken to help move along an idea, a product, a service, and not for the prestige or the power that can come with it. Challenging careers and leadership roles should be sought out, so long as the ego does not take control of everything. Jobs in politics can be a good fit, as can jobs such as personal trainer, firefighter, EMT– anything exciting that involves taking the lead.

The 10th House in Taurus

Whether or not this person actually thinks they exhibit this trait, others tend to see the 10th house in Taurus as materialistic. Status can mean a lot to people with this placement, and one way of showing that they have been successful in their career is through material goods and resources. These people may be known not just for what they do, but instead for the things they have been able to receive or afford because of what they do.

Someone with the 10th house in Taurus may be best suited to any “hands-on” type of career that also offers stability. Making furniture, producing wine, running a restaurant, interior design: anything that has some sense of routine but is also sensual in nature. Additionally, learning to give back is the key to true success for someone with this placement. Having things is great but so is being able to offer those things to others.

The 10th House in Gemini

A person with the 10th house in Gemini may be known for not actually having a single career: people with this placement might have multiple careers, either throughout their lifetime or all at once. This is not necessarily a bad thing but these people are used to being criticized for not “growing up” or finding a “real career”.

Jobs that involve research, learning new skills, and communication are a perfect fit for someone with this placement. They are highly intelligent and intellectual and want nothing more than to share their knowledge with the world. If this cannot be achieved through their current career, they have no qualms with adding a second (or third) career or switching things up entirely.

The 10th House in Cancer

Activities from childhood might play a role in the current public image someone with the 10th house in Cancer has. In contrast with Gemini, this may very well be a person who stays in the same career for a very long time. Going into the family business, studying a specific trade and then sticking to it, or staying at the same company for many years is comfortable and familiar. People with this placement do not necessarily desire achievement or success, they desire stability.

Work can strongly affect the emotions of people with this placement. Emotion is not always valued or considered in the workplace, unfortunately. People with this placement will excel in jobs where compassion and the ability to express emotion is not just valued, but part of the job.

The 10th House in Leo

Public-facing careers are excellent for people with the 10th house in Leo! Celebrity is, of course, one such career, but not every single person with this placement is destined for fame. People with this placement can be independent, charismatic, and spontaneous in the workplace. These are not people who can be micromanaged and they do not always work well in teams, especially if they feel like their own personal successes and achievements are not being recognized.

Another thing people with the 10th house in Leo might be known for is their charity. A philanthropist with this placement is not going to just quietly donate to good causes, they are going to be out in the public eye, raising awareness while also showing off all the good they are trying to do.

The 10th House in Virgo

People with this placement might prefer to have more “conventional” careers, often ones that involve working in an office environment. They are known for being practical, analytical, and for always getting the job done as close to “perfect” as possible. Do not take this to mean that the 10th house in Virgo is boring, however. These people need to be able to express their intellect, exchange ideas with others, and just generally use their mind instead of mindlessly completing mundane tasks.

Perfection can be a sticking point for someone with this placement. They find themselves unable to accept their own achievements or listen to accolades, as they are far too busy criticizing themselves. Learning how to be less harsh on themselves is something they have to work on to truly be successful.

The 10th House in Libra

People with the 10th house in Libra are known for being team players and for working well in groups. Balance is important, both work-life balance and keeping balance in the workplace. These are people who know how to keep the peace during group projects and make sure everyone is being treated fairly and equally.

Of course, the stereotypical job for someone with this placement would be as a lawyer or in another law-related capacity, but those are not the only career options. Libra also values beauty and harmony. A job that is creative that still involves working with the public is always an excellent choice. Marketing, working at a museum, even being a tour guide who can show off all the beauty in a city to tourists are all potential careers for the 10th house in Libra.

The 10th House in Scorpio

Those who have the 10th house in Scorpio are known for being ambitious and motivated. These people can be highly successful no matter their chosen career, as once they have their mindset on a goal, there is almost nothing that is going to stop them from achieving said goal. These are intense, independent people who will be able to get the job done, come hell or high water.

Themes surrounding Scorpio, specifically ones related to mystery and “digging deep”, can be used to look at potential career paths. Science, psychology, even being a detective can all be good areas for someone with this placement to explore. These careers require someone who can look at a problem and not let up until they have solved it. Someone with this placement may even enjoy a career as a paranormal investigator! The 10th house in Scorpio wants to know how things work and they are willing to personally go out and do the work to get the answers they want.

The 10th House in Sagittarius 

Most people think of travel and adventure when they think of Sagittarius and somebody with their 10th house placed in this sign is going to be known for being adventurous in the workplace. Jobs that require a lot of planning and decision-making before actually getting out and doing something are not a good fit. Learning, knowledge, and philosophy are all themes related to Sagittarius as well, however, so every single person with this placement that you might come across is not necessarily going to be a pilot or career traveler.

People with this placement may find themselves establishing careers abroad, in a variety of different fields. Jobs related to education are also a good fit, such as philosophy professor, cultural anthropologist, even a preacher or minister. These jobs offer the opportunity to meet a variety of people, explore other places, and just generally not do the same thing day in and day out. One pitfall of this need for constant excitement is that a person with this placement might bite off more than they can chew, especially if they are a person who has more than one job.

The 10th House in Capricorn

Persistent, ambitious, determined: these are all words that can be used to describe somebody with the 10th house in Capricorn. These people are known for being hard workers and may be very attached to their careers, even finding a large part of their identity comes from what they do for work. Even if they do not define themselves by their career, their reputation and what others know them for is most likely going to be work-related.

People with this placement can be very organized and driven and they have a good work ethic. Professional goals might be based on wanting to achieve a higher status, within the company or society in general. Any managerial or leadership position can be a good fit for somebody with the 10th house in Capricorn. Science and politics are two good fields to go into, but somebody with this placement might also make a great editor or banker based on their attention to detail.

The 10th House in Aquarius

People with the 10th house in Aquarius can be unorthodox, inventive, and innovative in the workplace. This is the person who is known for flitting around, networking with everybody at work, and offering up new ideas and ways of doing things. These people stand out as unique individuals and are not fading into the background. They are not individualistic, however, and in fact, they work best in a team environment. While this person might be the one whose idea is what sparked your team to come up with a new product, they want the work to be what is recognized, not them as an individual person.

Any career that involves inventing or technology is a good fit for somebody with this placement but they have new ideas to offer no matter what kind of career they end up in. Jobs related to activism are also a good fit. An Aquarius does not typically come up with new ideas for themselves, instead they develop new ideas to help out society as a whole. Anything where they can help their community is going to be a great fit.

The 10th House in Pisces 

People with the 10th house in Pisces are known for their imagination. Pisces is an emotional, compassionate sign and this translates over into the career when the 10th house is in this sign. A person with this placement can be creative, charming, and spiritual. Careers in the arts can be a good fit as can any job that helps people and allows this person to express their natural compassion for people.

Some people with this placement may have trouble with making practical decisions and they may also feel they are not able to figure out what their career path should be. This is the downside of imagination: it can be hard to get out of your own head. Fortunately, there are plenty of natural choices of career for somebody with this placement. Musician, faith healer, writer, non-profit worker, even a veterinarian are all good ways to be expressive and help others.