Third House in Astrology

The 3rd house in astrology speaks to your mind and is also referred to as the House of Communication. When it is analyzed in your natal chart, it signifies self-expression, family, how you think, and the process your mind took to lead you in a specific direction, or make a certain decision. It also speaks to the trips you take that are connected to work and school.

The position of the planets in your third house speaks to the mind, your mentality, and how you communicate and organize your thoughts.


The Role of the 3rd House in Your Life

The third house in your life is where you will find your family relationships, along with the connections you have with friends and neighbors. It is a representation of how you speak, write, think, and reason in various life situations. The 3rd house also speaks to how you use language and the daily trips you take.

Your intellect and mind are revealed in this astrological house, which includes how information is perceived, analyzed, and difficult situations are dealt with. The House of Communication reveals how you learn about your environment and the world. You will find the information and skills you learned from others in the third house.

Without the third house, you would lose your desire to learn new skills and your fascination with the world. Your drive to learn and use new words would also be lost. In your third astrological house, the quality of the information is more important than the quantity. The third house provides opportunities for you to use to improve yourself.


The 3rd House in the Zodiac Signs

Your third astrological house reveals several aspects of your personality and relationships with others in your life. While family relationships are included, so is how you interact with friends, co-workers, bosses, and teachers. It also speaks to your fascination with the world and others in it, along with your unique learning process.

The presence of beneficial and malefic planets affects your third house. You may experience problems with communication or enjoy the benefits of understanding your mind.

The Third House in Aries

When the third house is in Aries, energy is not a problem. You have plenty of it to complete your projects and you enjoy staying busy. Work is not a chore, but a pleasant pastime, although you do have to be mindful of your temper. You can be stubborn and have aggressive communication skills that do not translate your ideas to co-workers. Managing your temper is something you will most likely need to work on.

You have a habit of putting people into one of two categories. Everyone is either good or bad, and you have little patience for anyone that you perceive as being indecisive. Your problems with communication generally appear when you are communicating with someone that you have labeled as ‘bad’. However, you rarely have issues getting ideas and thoughts across to people that you believe are ‘good’.

It can be difficult for you to slow down and communicate instead of arguing. Once you realize this, you can become a leader.

The Third House in Taurus

Constructive and practical thinking speak to you when your third house is ruled by Taurus. Your materialistic tendencies make you the ideal person to work on projects that your co-workers and others avoid. You are not afraid of making sure all the specifics are perfect, even if others find the small details boring.

When the third house is in Taurus, you are often working on ways to improve and gain financially. You strive for the material items in life and often judge others by what they have. Learning new information can be difficult, especially if there is not an immediate reward. Learning visually will help you retain information that you will need to pass your current studies.

The challenge you face with your third house in Taurus is difficulty accepting change. You can be inflexible once you have made a decision, and this can affect your learning.

The Third House in Gemini

Since the third house speaks to family, Gemini is the most natural zodiac sign to reside there. Gemini is the sign of twins and relates to your relationships with your brothers and sisters. It also highlights the importance of communication with family and others. You work to speak clearly and honestly, which also applies to your thoughts.

You strive to avoid miscommunication, though you do have difficulty expressing your emotions. If you do not work on this, it will be difficult for you to connect emotionally with others. You do learn new information quickly and easily. All personal life events also affect you more deeply than others. Your communication skills and intelligence also make you excellent at teaching others and speaking in public.

To become emotionally open, you need to create a healthy routine. Until you have respect for your mind and body, you will never be completely happy with your life. Once you have learned how to get both in sync, you will be able to communicate your emotions effectively.

The Third House in Cancer

You are highly intelligent, and so are your parents. It is a trait you share with others that have their third house in Cancer. Your family is educated and you follow their example. Like many of your relatives, you learn quickly.

When Cancer is in your third astrological house, your friends and co-workers are a family to you. You are extremely close to the people in your life and can become too sensitive. Rational and emotional decisions can be difficult to discern. It can lead you to make mistakes in relationships. While you are emotionally open with extremely close family and friends, it is difficult for you to trust others.

By building a strong personality, and nurturing it, you will find it easier to trust others and control your emotional decisions.

The Third House in Leo

Your personality traits probably include being curious, ambitious, and imaginative with Leo in your third house. You are determined to continuously develop your intellect and skills and are constantly working to improve your character. This focus on self-improvement can leave others with the impression you are emotionally distant.

It is easy for you to become bored and this makes it difficult for you to learn by memorization. However, once you do learn, it is easy for you to succeed in any chosen profession, due to your natural ability to communicate with anyone.

You do have a strong ego and this will need to be understood. It is important to not take everything personally. Once your ego is not as sensitive, it will be easier for you to communicate and discover your core personality.

The Third House in Virgo

If your third house on the astrological chart is in Virgo, you are intelligent, but you may suffer from emotional issues or health problems. You do know how to find happiness in almost anything, and rarely do you look for faults in yourself, the world, or others.

When the third house is in Virgo, you are responsible and goal-setting. You set realistic goals that you can achieve. You respond to facts, not emotions, and this trait in others is important to build relationships. In your personal life, you look for a partner that is logical and well-organized.

It is easy for you to play a ‘victim’ if you have constant health problems. Hypochondria and other emotional issues can develop if you do not stop searching for a rational explanation for everything. Once you have a strong sense of faith, you will be able to open up and effectively communicate your thoughts and feelings.

The Third House in Libra

Other peoples’ lives are fascinating to you when the cusp of Libra is in your third house. You frequently think about others and find talking about people to be natural. As entertaining as peoples’ lives are, you never forget about your own life. You have a well defined personality, and know what you like and dislike.

Others find you reliable, both at work and in personal relationships. Your partnerships are based on fairness and honesty. You understand society hierarchy and do not agree with it, instead you look for ways to help others. Rarely will you ask for help from individuals higher-up in society. You prefer the satisfaction of completing a project yourself.

There is a judgmental aspect to your personality, especially towards the ‘upper-class’. Until you learn to not talk about others or pass judgment based on first-impressions, you will struggle to communicate. Once you have learned to control this, you can become a great orator, thinker, or writer.

The Third House in Scorpio

Science and facts are important to you. It is easy for you to comprehend scientific matters, but you struggle to comprehend the emotions of others. When your third house rests in Scorpio, it can be difficult for you to be satisfied with life. You do not enjoy the journey and lack positive emotions.

As a serious person, you can sometimes be demanding. You laugh infrequently and prefer to listen instead of leading a conversation. When you do communicate, your words are short and to-the-point. Some of your words can also seem harsh, especially when you are criticizing a person or idea.

Scorpio can be a ‘dark’ sign and you will need to work through it. With your strong personality, it is best to find or image beauty in life. You are suited for creative professions, once you learn how to recognize the good in everything.

The Third House in Sagittarius

Communicating with others comes naturally, and you enjoy being around others. You are drawn to people that are enthusiastic and energetic, while shunning those that prefer material items to learning new things. You learn quickly but are also easily bored. It is not uncommon for people with their third house in Sagittarius to become tired or one subject and switch to another.

You enjoy talking to others, and while others think you have a pleasant personality, your tendency to speak over others can make you seem inattentive. It is this lack of attention that causes you to make promises that you forget to keep.

Once you learn to slow down and listen to others, it will be easier for you to concentrate on tasks that matter.

The Third House in Capricorn

When your third house is in Capricorn, you have what is referred to as a ‘tough’ personality. You are typically reserved in your conversations with others, leading to the impression that you are unfeeling. Instead of having a cold personality, you prefer to only speak when you can back-up your words with facts.

Your sign comes with challenges. On one side it represents rational decisions, on the other, it speaks to mistakes and a cold heart. To keep your third house balanced, you have to stay connected to your emotional core. You cannot hold your emotions back, because there is no evidence to support the reason you feel that way.

Once you are in touch with your emotions, you can become an inspiration to others. Rest is also important if you want to achieve your true potential.

The Third House in Aquarius

Your third house in Aquarius indicates that you are social and intelligent. You are creative and are confident in your intellect. However, this can also make you arrogant and cause you to discard the knowledge and advice of others. If you want to get along with your colleagues, you will have to learn how to communicate and negotiate more effectively.

Simple and brief sentences are how you prefer to communicate. Your home is not organized, but this rarely bothers you. While you can have good relationships with others, you also need to learn how to listen.

You are generally in good health, and if you continue to take care of your physical body, you will also learn how to improve your spiritual health.

The Third House in Pisces

Pisces represents Mercury’s fall and emotions, and reason does not always agree when this sign is in your third house. You approach your work and studies emotionally, and need to have contact with your supervisors and teachers. If you are not comfortable in your environment, you will have difficulty with learning. It is this difficulty learning that can hold you back.

If you work on achieving clarity and avoiding illicit substances, you will find that learning gets easier. By working on your ability to concentrate, you can develop your talents and reach your goals.