The 12th House in Astrology

The 12th house in astrology often has a watery and mysterious feel. It speaks to everything that is beneath the surface. Similar to the ocean. What is seen on top does not always accurately reflect what lies below. Unseen worlds and dreams are talked about in the 12th house. It is the house that is associated with the soul, spirit, and unconscious mind.

The house is linked to Tarot cards, clairvoyance, hypnosis, channeling, automatic writing, and mediumship. The arts linked to accessing the unseen worlds reside in your 12th house. This house is also commonly called the House of Subconscious. Your strengths, weaknesses, successes, and failures are present in the 12th astrological house, along with karma.

You review your existence throughout your present incarnation in the material world, and focus on what needs to be done to continue moving forward. Your subconscious does most of the work in the 12th house. It not only looks at what you have done but how you deal with the discoveries learned.

The 12th house is ruled by the planet Neptune and the sign of Pisces.


The Role of the 12th House in Your Life

Similar to the eighth house and fourth house, the twelfth house is psychologically deep and shrouded in mystery.

In the twelfth house in astrology, karma plays a significant role. Karma is the reason many people are nervous when they learn that they have planets residing in their twelfth house. Karma is the good and difficult experiences people face in response to their actions. To keep karma positive in your future incarnations, the 12th house asks for meditation, prayers, and a life that is lived righteously.

Since the 12th house rules your subconscious, it plays a role in uncovering your darkest secrets. The presence of beneficial planets often leads to professional careers in research and invention, since these are the fields where discoveries are typically made. On the other hand, when there are malefic planets in the twelfth house, it can reveal your secret enemies and adversaries.


The 12th House in the Zodiac Signs

The 12th house presides over your secrets, dreams, unseen realities, and unconscious mind. It speaks to your spirit and soul, and its position reveals your personality and inner thinking. The position of the 12th house in the zodiac signs determines its meaning.

For instance, if your twelfth house is in Pisces, you are afraid to show your true feelings, fearing that others may take advantage of you. When Libra is present in the 12th house, relationships are a primary concern and finding a soulmate is a primary goal.

The 12th House in Aries

When Aries is present in your 12th house, you are confident and have a strong personality. You rely on the opinions of other people and can be easily upset if you feel that someone is trying to bring you down. While you are open to new experiences and friends, you have a private life that you conceal from others.

With Aries in your 12th house, you are comfortable with your life and ready to take on new challenges. You have an energetic and outgoing personality. You also have a subconscious belief in your ability to succeed. Your fiery personality often developed in past incarnations and you must learn how to use your boundless energy for positive endeavors.

The 12th House in Taurus

You have a dual personality when Taurus is in the 12th astrological house. There is one that others know and the personality is only known to your subconscious. Your outside personality is energetic and enthusiastic. You have plenty of friends and appear confident, but your inner personality is full of doubts and fears. You privately worry about financial security and safety.

Change in life is something you try to avoid, only unwillingly accepting it when there is no other choice. It can take you a while to find a life partner since you are looking for someone to build a deep and lasting bond with. You spend time by yourself contemplating your self-worth. Once you recognize it, you will only form bonds with others that understand your potential.

The 12th House in Gemini

If Gemini is on the cusp of your 12th astrological house, you are creative, intelligent, and energetic. You can create a comfortable private space for meditation but will quickly lose your drive when working with a group. You often feel that others do not recognize your accomplishments or even your personality. Also, you may often feel dull and unattractive around others.

When you spend your time paying attention to the lives of other people, envy can set in. Instead of focusing on someone’s weaknesses and spreading gossip, spend time meditating on yourself. Allow your creative energy to flow. When you do, you will find that it is easier to work with confidence in a group setting.

The 12th House in Cancer

The presence of Cancer in your 12th astrological house can make it hard for you to express your true emotions. Instead, you are easily hurt and lack the confidence to show what you truly feel. You almost always have an energetic and cheerful façade around others, however, you do connect emotionally to individuals.

Cancer can be an emotional sign, and it applies to the 12th house. It might pertain to a family secret or disappointment you have kept hidden from others. You also tend to idolize your parents and fear of their disapproval can cause you to keep your true personality hidden.

The 12th House in Leo

Your personality tends to be domineering when Leo is in the 12th astrological house. You hide this trait from others to appear less confident. You have ambitious goals and are not afraid to dream big, but you prefer to stay in the shadows and inspire others. The well-being of others is important and you are often driven to provide aid through charitable and humanitarian pursuits.

With Leo in the 12th house, you need privacy to discover your abilities and recognize your power. Your desire to motivate others to achieve their dreams often comes from a subconscious remembrance of successes you experienced in other incarnations. It can create a blurry image of self in your subconscious that will only be made clear through meditation.

The 12th House in Virgo

Your health is often a primary concern when Virgo enters your 12th house. The amount of time spent thinking about it can cause stress. When you allow yourself to become stressed, you can see an increase in blood pressure and even heart problems. If you do not allow for time to spend in reflection, your stress and worries can lead to health issues.

Negative thoughts about others can be common, but you prefer to keep them to yourself. Your intelligence in unpredictable situations can be a problem in the 12th house. You often have difficulties reconciling dreams and reality. You use your sharp mind in both practical and mystical matters.

The 12th House in Libra

You might be uncomfortable admitting to yourself how dependent you are on others when your 12th astrological house is in Libra. Your friendships and romantic relationships are important, and you will be constantly searching for your soulmate. The importance you put on relationships can make it difficult for you to find a life-partner that feels the same, especially if you are lacking self-confidence.

Libra in your 12th house can indicate that trust will be broken in a friendship or romantic partnership. The experience will be hurtful, but it is also one that can be used to strengthen your character and help you get past some unrealistic expectations you might hold about life, love, and relationships.

The 12th House in Scorpio

As Scorpio enters the cusp of your twelfth house, you keep your interest in mysterious places and relics secret from others. You are fascinated by the dark aspect of the universe, and your interest in these mysteries and taboo secrets keep you interested even if it goes against your views of what is right and wrong.

To find balance, you must admit that your interests do not make you a “bad” person, only one that is curious about the unknown. You tend to avoid problems and hide issues from view, even from yourself. It can lead to dangerous emotions that you keep bottled up from view. To prevent exploding in anger, you must work on becoming more open-minded.

The 12th House in Sagittarius

When the zodiac sign Sagittarius is in the 12th house, you have a respect for the hard work of others. It is easy for you to meet people and your ability to see the goodness in them will help you build close relationships with others.

You have a genuine belief that life is ultimately fair, and if you put in the work, you will be rewarded with success. It is important to you that others believe that you only have faith in your own abilities. Your achievements are only due to your own efforts and not those of a higher power.

While this might be what you want others to believe, it is not an accurate reflection of your private self. Deep inside, you are ready to put your faith in a higher spiritual power. This separation of your outside and inner self can lead to internal struggles unless the two are brought together. You can feel lost and aimless as you move through life until you take the time to examine your religious views and other beliefs to decide where you stand.

The 12th House in Capricorn

With your 12th astrological house in Capricorn, you derive satisfaction and pleasure from helping others. Even though you do get a certain amount of satisfaction, it is often not enough for you. You need to be recognized for your accomplishments, sometimes more than the feelings of pleasure you get for assisting others. If the work is not challenging, you can start to feel that it is pointless and is keeping you from reaching your true potential.

The presence of Capricorn in your twelfth astrological house can be demanding. While the beneficial planet can ensure feelings of wisdom and security in your personality and abilities, it also speaks to hard work. If you do not put in the work you will not feel the sense of accomplishment that is important to your core personality. It also discusses your connections to past experiences in other incarnations.

The 12th House in Aquarius

The zodiacal sign, Aquarius speaks to freedom. When the cusp of the12th house is in the sign of Aquarius, you will never feel completely free while you are earthbound. You long for freedom and feel like true happiness is unachievable, and  these feelings can leave you anxious about your life path. Seeking spiritual guidance can help with your belief that you are not free, along with quiet meditation.

Your desire to be free can make it difficult to form lasting bonds with others. You constantly feel like you are being tied down. It will be difficult for you to find a life partner unless you learn how to accept and enjoy your earthly bonds.

However, others do find you attractive, so it is not difficult for you to meet people. Once you learn how to comprise and set aside differences in beliefs and personality, you will find it easier to forge deeper, long lasting relationships.

The 12th House in Pisces

When the twelfth house is in Pisces, your personality can be confusing to others. Large groups can be intimidating and cause you to hide your true personality. Your true nature only comes out in small groups of close, trusted friends. You have a gentle and compassionate nature that only a few people know. Others outside of your close circle often find you distant, cold, and even aggressive.

Quiet times and sleep are important to you. Rarely do your sleep less than eight hours a night. You studiously avoid late nights, either at work or on outings with friends. You prefer staying in rather than attending large gatherings. Additionally, you tend to focus primarily on your present life and what you want for the future to the extent that you are not aware of your previous incarnations.

You could be missing out on opportunities for learning if you do not use your 12th house for personal reflection. While you are not sociable, preferring to be alone or with close friends and family, you are talented and will succeed once your confidence in yourself is developed.